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It is very Important that you sign up for a parking spot before the school year starts. Parking is very limited and is on First come First serve basis.

Some of our properties/apartments have parking lots associated with the property. If this is the case and it is not included in your lease the price is $350.00 per school year (August to May), this must be paid upfront before you park your vehicle in the lot. If your building does not have a parking lot and you would like a spot, we can attempt to find a parking lot for you to park in. We do not guarantee parking to any tenant due to the limited space that is available.

If you wish to apply for a parking spot, please fill out the form below and return it to us along with your payment. ( If you have parking included in your lease, you would still need to fill the form and get a parking permit from us for your car)

Parking Agreement- Download

You can also buy a permit through the town if you wish, they are good for six months and need to be renewed every year, the permits have different costs $125.00 to $185.00.

If you have been towed or booted please contact AAT Parking Management at 1-888-390-1114 and they will help you get your car back. Please see 9. and 10. of the MV Student Housing Parking Rules.


  • 1. Vehicles will be towed if not in compliance and if parked on the property without a valid permit. The cost for a parking permit is $350 (if your lease includes parking then cost is $0.00) and is non-refundable unless MV Student Housing is able to re-sell the spot. Permits are NONTRANSFERABLE!
  • 2. The acceptance of this permit relieves the Landlord of any responsibility for damages to or for loss of vehicle, its contents, or accessories from any cause whatsoever.
  • 3. We do allow guests, but they MUST be checked in with the appropriate parking company or your vehicle will be Booted or Towed. The cost for a boot removal is $150.00 and will NOT be refunded.
  • 4. Working on vehicles on the property is prohibited and tenant authorizes Landlord to remove all non-inspected, unlicensed, inoperable, unused, or unauthorized vehicles from the premises at the vehicle owner's expense.
  • 5. You are renting a parking permit for this lot. You may NOT park in any other MV Student Housing’s parking lot. Your Parking Permit must match all of the other permits in the lot. ALL CARS WITHOUT PERMITS OR A GUEST PASS WILL BE BOOTED OR TOWED.
  • 6. MV Student Housing plows the parking lots; we do not shovel out your car.
  • 7. You are renting a designated parking spot. You will be given the number of your parking spot. If you parking lot has numbers, please park in this spot whenever possible.
  • 8. If there is a violation of the rules and regulations, or if the Student does not pay the license fee on time, then the Landlord may end this agreement.
  • 9. AAT Parking Management does all of our booting, towing, and guest check in. Their Number is 888-390-1114, if you do not check in your guest they will be booted. THE BOOT FEE IS $150. WE DO NOT REFUND!!!
  • 10. You may register a guest’s vehicle for up to 48 hours at a time. If your guest is staying from Thursday-Sunday, then you need to check in TWICE. You will be capped at 5 guest passes a month on the same vehicle. If a vehicle constantly is being checked in as a guest, that vehicle will lose their guest privileges and will need to buy a permit to park in our lot.

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