Pet Policy

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We do allow Pets! We want you to be as happy as possible in your residence, so if that means having your pet in Bloomsburg, we will do as much as we can to help. If you are wanting to bring your pet, we do require a $400 pet deposit. Pet Deposit will be returned after deducting the cleaning fee and any damages caused by the pet.

We require ALL roommates to sign an agreement which is below.

Pet Agreement

  • 1. Tenants agree that they are always solely responsible for the maintenance of the above described pet and agree to keep their pet under control.
  • 2. Tenants agree to keep their pet restrained and, on a leash, when it is outside their dwelling.
  • 3. Tenants agree to adhere to local ordinances, including leash and licensing requirements.
  • 4. Tenants agree not to leave their pet unattended outside for any period of time.
  • 5. Tenants agree to clean up after their pet and to dispose of their pet's waste properly and quickly.
  • 6. Tenants agree not to leave food or water for their pet or any other animal outside their dwelling where it may attract other animals.
  • 7. Tenants agree to keep their pet from being unnecessarily noisy or aggressive and causing any annoyance or discomfort to others and will remedy immediately any complaints made through the Owners or Property Manager.
  • 8. Tenants agree not to breed or allow the pet to reproduce, but if this should occur, the pet’s offspring will be placed within eight weeks of birth.
  • 9. Tenants agree to immediately pay for any damage, loss, or expense caused by their pet, and in addition, they will add $ 400 to their security/pet deposit, which may be used for cleaning, repairs or delinquent rent when Tenants vacate.
  • 10. Tenants agree to pay for pest infestation services resulting from pets allowed in the property by tenant after termination of occupancy, if necessary.
  • 11. Tenants agree that this Agreement applies only to the specific pet described above and that no other pet may be substituted.
  • 12. Tenants agree that the Owners reserve the right to revoke permission to keep the pet should the Tenants break this agreement. Tenants will be given 3 days to remove the pet from the premises.
  • 13. Any animals on the property not registered under this Rental Agreement will be presumed to be strays and will be disposed of according to law, at the option of the Landlord.

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